Our clients only pay commission on the money we collect on their behalf. So, it is in our interest, as well as our clients, that the debt gets paid. Successfully collecting the money owed to you is our mission and our success in this area above our competitors is what keeps Debtpol growing and is producing a constant stream of referrals from business we have helped.

One of our missions at Debtpol Recoveries Australia is to keep commission rates on collected debts to a minimum. This means you will not pay more than 10% commission rate for collections.

Once a file is passed on to Debtpol we:
• Make phone calls and issue demand letters on your behalf.
• If the debtor is not located, we use skip trace methods in order to contact the debtor.
• Once contact is made we negotiate with the debtor in order to get payment.
• If negotiation does not bring a favourable outcome we use our experienced Lawyers across Australia to litigate.

Other services:
• Field call: Utilising our commercial field agents we can make demand for payments face to face.
• Legal Action: Utilising Lawyers from across Australia we handle the litigation process from start to end. Our clients will be kept informed about the progress of the accounts by your dedicated Account Manager. Also, ensure total cost transparency. We outline all the costs associated with legal action, prior to commencing any litigation.

Some debtors are quite savvy in not wanting to be found. This is why we employ premium technology and the best people who have the expertise in locating debtors. These are collectively known as skip tracing services. You can't collect money from people you cannot find and we are experts in locating and recovering money from people who do not want to pay you the money they rightfully owe you.

As well as skip tracing services , we can provide our clients private investigative services for a more comprehensive approach.

All our skip trace procedures are compliant with Privacy Regulations and the ACCC- ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines.

When demands need to be made face to face, we have national network of trained and licensed Field call Agents we can utilise.

These agents will provide our clients with in-depth report , which will include details such as , date and time of the visit the full name of the person they spoke to and the details of the conversation , photos of the residence including any cars parked in the drive way and the condition of dwelling.

Furthermore they can speak to neighbours to find out who lives at the address and make other investigations to locate people trying to evade paying the money they owe to businesses like yours.