Our Mission

One of our missions at Debtpol Recoveries Australia is to keep commission rates on collected debts to a minimum. We know that there is direct correlation between improving cash flow and commissions charged by mercantile agencies. This means you will not pay more than 10% commission rate for collections. It also means you only pay commission on money actually recovered.

Debtpol Recoveries specializes in collecting all types of consumer and commercial debt. We combine experience and expertise with innovative collection technology to get the best results for our clients at minimum cost.

Debtpol Recoveries Australia understands that cash flow is the life line of any business. One of the best ways to improve and maintain cash flow is to implement a sound collection process internally, and employing a third party collection agency. We can assist you in improving your internal collection processes.

Having client's from a broad range of industries, including retail, professional services and manufacturing, gives us knowledge on how best to approach collections.

Debtpol Recoveries Australia provides assistance to wide range of clients such as liquidators, private schools, builders, trades, wholesalers and manufacturers with recovery of debt.

This extensive experience gives us know how on the best way to approach your recalcitrant payers.